Custom Carts from EZGO

Carts made in the EZGO factory are made to a high specification, these includes lights, alloy wheels, two tone seats and more.

expressl6_red_sidel_122The EZGo Shuttle S6 is available in either petrol or electric. Double skinned roof, split screen are standard, two tone seats which match the body work, lift kit to accomodate the large alloy wheels and all terrian tyres to finish the job off. Horn, front and rear lights gives this Shuttle a great look, ideal to take you and 5 passengers around your estate in comfort and style.

express_s4The Shuttle S4, comes in various colours and petrol or electric.

With colour options, seat options, this is a great cart for 4 people, if you want to impress then look no further than this range from EZGo, plenty of power and with the electric version quiet too.